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GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set # 55500


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Why Quilters Love the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set:?
  • Our fastest GO! cutter -- cut two 6" wide dies side by side with up to six layers of fabric at this press of a button!
  • Accurate -- Save fabric, save money and say so long to the mistakes from your rotary cutter with the GO! Big.?
  • Safe -- No more backaches, cut fingers and sore hands.? Electric function maximizes efficiency and minimizes physical effort and discomfort.?
  • Easy to use -- Place a die, fabric and mat on the cutter's platform.? Press the power button to create perfectly cut shapes in seconds.?
  • Compatible with all GO! & GO! Big piecing and applique dies.?
  • Folds for portability and easy storage.?


  • One button functionality for ease of use and built-in safety features.?
  • Cuts up to 6 layers of 100% cotton fabric at a time.?
  • Cut a wide variety of fabrics: cotton, batiks, wool, flannel, fleece, denim, leather, batting, felt, silk and satin.?
  • 14" cutting width: Fits these die sizes: 5" x 10", 6" x 12", 6" x 6", 6" x 24", 10" x 10", 10" x 24", 14" x 16"?


  • Plug directly into the wall for best performance (It is not recommended that the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter be plugged into an extension cord or surge protector).?